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Mike's Hot Honey

Mike's Hot Honey - Mike's Hot Honey Dip Cups

Mike's Hot Honey - Mike's Hot Honey Dip Cups

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Mike's Hot Honey 1 oz Dip Cups, Honey with a Kick | America’s #1 Brand of Hot Honey Mike’s Hot Honey is a sweet-heat combo of honey infused with chili peppers that adds the perfect kick to all of your favorite foods. The perfect accompaniment for Takeout and Delivery, your customers will love these perfectly portable cups of our original recipe hot honey: * Case contains 90 individual cups * 1 oz (28g) honey per cup * Give your customers confidence with these sanitary, single-serving cups * Perfect for dipping, drizzling and dunking Suggested Pairings Pizza: pepperoni/soppressata, post-oven ricotta/burrata Chicken: chicken & waffles, wings, fried chicken sandwich Cheese: cheese plate, grilled cheese sandwich Dessert: vanilla ice cream, grilled peaches, cheese cake Cocktails: Margarita, Old Fashioned, Hot Toddy Ingredients Made with 100% pure honey, real chili peppers and vinegar.

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